Lily Bungay & Co.


We're Lily and Martin. We met at University where we were both studying Photojournalism and pretty soon after, Lily asked Martin to be the "Co" in Lily Bungay & Co. 

We're currently doing up our cottage in the Kent countryside and while Martin is proving to be a dab hand at DIY, Lily is mostly good at filling the house with way too many plants. 

Anyway, thank you for stopping by, we hope you like our photos and in typical wedding photographer fashion, below you'll find a handful of somewhat interesting facts about us both...


My instagram explore page is filled with cat videos. I like cats, a lot.

I'm an extroverted introvert and sometimes I tell Martin not to talk to me.

Despite my 100% black wardrobe, I love colour and I'm the one that does all the editing. Martin is not allowed anywhere near the editing screen!

I am obsessed with older people. I want them all to be my friends. In my other photography life, I make work about positive ageing, of which you can see here.

I'm known for spoonerisms. I blame the blonde hair.


Other than being a photographer, I am also the person who stood in for Barack Obama when Madame Tussauds were making their wax model of him prior to his 2008 Presidential Election. Yes, that's true. Barack Obama and I are body shape twins. Take from that what you will.

Unfortunately, in 2015, I had to end my commitment of standing in for Barack Obama. Now, I spend my time finishing student's work for them in my DT classroom, trying to beat my Parkrun PB, and starting but never finishing DIY jobs...


We have availability for late 2021 and we are taking bookings for 2022.

Get in touch below to check our availability. We'll get back to you within 24 hours.

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